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In the beginning of my natural hair journey I thought I was just 4c. I often wondered why some parts of my hair were softer and had looser curls than the rest of my hair. I was also ignorant and thought that everyone who was black had coarse hair and if their curls were lose that they were mixed and I was SO wrong.

Once I started doing more research I found out that my hair is 4b towards in the back and 4c mainly in the middle, a little towards the front and some areas on the sides of my head. This explained why some products worked for only certain parts of my hair.


The past 3 years have been trial and error and this year was when I finally figured out that my hair doesn’t like hundreds of products in it, but only 4: my shea butter mix, my oil mix, Shea Moisture’s JBCO Leave-In Conditioner and Curls Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste (I love walking around smelling like blueberry flavored jolly ranchers).

In the past year my hair has been through a lot leaving it damaged and uneven I’ve recently started taking better care of my hair and it is slowly but surely recovering. This is what my hair has gone through in the past year.

Coloring my hair

When I turned 18, back in 2014, I wanted a change with my hair and decided to go a copper brown. Although I was really pleased with the way my hair came out, the health of my hair wasn’t all that great anymore. My hair looked really dry even when it was moisturized, it would break easily and required a lot of maintenance. Yes coloring my hair was fun and different, but I definitely won’t be doing it again.

Cutting off a section of my hair

While I was taking out my protective style, crotchet, I accidentally snipped away a braid and was left with this:


since then it has grown and is probably the healthiest part of my hair lol.

A little too scissor happy

I don’t know what I was thinking at this point of my journey, but about 6 months ago I trimmed my hair a little too much. This left the front of my hair way shorter than my back and the front already takes a lifetime to grow. Now my twistouts and braidouts don’t look too hot so I’ve been spending the past few months doing protective styles to help with growth.

Too much Heat

It came to a point where I was blowing drying my hair every co-wash and shampoo wash because I liked the way my styles looked. I also went ahead and straightened my hair in the summer to give it a “proper trim” and that didn’t work out too well.

After dragging my hair through fire for a whole year I decided a couple of months ago to start taking better care of it and it has grown tremendously. I am now 3 months in to this journey and am here to document it for you all in hopes of helping someone who is going through the same thing.




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