Motivation Monday- Being your own worst critic


Often times I wonder what makes people feel like what they have to offer is not good enough. It is crazy to know that one negative thought that we have can ruin something that we worked so hard on to create.

This past semester that I went through inspired this Motivation Monday. I need more than two hands to count the amount of times that I have talked down on my work and even about myself. There were many sleepless nights and numerous breakdowns trying to make sure that my work was “good enough”. Even though my work was and I ended up with the grades I wanted, I still found myself picking out faults and trying to perfect whatever I felt was wrong.

Now I know that bettering your work and yourself is not all bad, but it can get to a point where it becomes unhealthy and unfortunately it did get to that point for me.

Being my own worst critic has caused many setbacks and becoming aware of this I started doing these 3 things:

  1. Looking at the pros instead of the cons.

While doing this I realized that the pros always outweighed the cons and it kind of helped me to overlook the flaws and not stress about them as much.

2. Giving myself small rewards.

Either buying a top, going to my local frozen yogurt place, or having some ‘me’ time, these small rewards just remind me that I accomplished something and instead of spending time stressing and being hard on myself I go ahead and treat myself.

3. Giving myself credit where it is due.

I realized that I rarely tell myself that I did a good job on something I guess it’s because I’m too busy trying to make sure everything is to a T. I also realized being proud of your work does not mean you are being conceited or prideful, but if you look good that day or you feel you did a great job there is nothing wrong with complimenting yourself or complimenting your work.

It was a long semester, but I became aware so instead of finding the flaws of my work to fix them I’m fixing the flaw that I have myself of being my own worst critic. I hope these 3 tips can help someone who is going through a similar situation and that you remember to not be so hard on yourself; you’re only human.





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