2016 Bucket List!

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IT’S 2016! A new year, new adventures, new people to meet, and a new bucket list. 

I enjoy making/having bucket lists, even though I don’t get everything checked off. Reaching a goal is always nice, but what I really enjoy is the journey that I go through while trying to get there. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail, but even when failing I’m still learning.

My 2015 list was really a list based on self-improvement and though I didn’t accomplish everything on the list, it’s nice to see that I have grown a great amount with just the few things that I did accomplish. Now I’m going to stop right here about my love for bucket list and share with you 8 goals from my long list for this year.

  1. Write more.

I have a really bad habit of coming up with new ideas and not writing them down or not writing down things that I’m supposed to do only to forget them and as a result, not getting a lot of things done. Being a scatter-brain is probably the worst and writing things down more often should get me to be more organized with my thoughts.

  1. Get to 100 subscribers on YouTube.

I’m almost half way there and I think I would have been there if I didn’t take a break, but my fall semester was… time consuming (hell). So I plan on uploading more often and figuring out what I want to do with my channel. Since I’m all over the place, coming up with new ideas all the time, I need to find a way to implement them into my channel.

  1. Read more.

I don’t know why I don’t read as often as I used to, but I need to get back to it. I can’t remember the last time I read leisurely. I went from reading 4 to 5 books a month to just reading my textbooks and post on social media and I miss the times where I would curl up in my bed and pick up a good book.

  1. Get a story published in a newspaper.

I was already published once last year, but it was a group effort from my club members and me. In 2016 I want to go out find a story and have it published in my town’s newspaper. I feel like it would be an amazing experience!

5. Travel.

I want to at least travel to one of the places I want to live in after I graduate college, (D.C., California, Chicago, or Georgia). I want to actually explore the areas and go to the most talked about restaurants, museums, and now that I’m old enough, the clubs… I’m just kidding (no I’m not). I really want to explore one of those four places this year.

  1. Eat healthier.

My eating habits aren’t too bad, but they can be better. This has been a goal probably every year… every month… every week, but you know what!? I plan on sticking to it and I have a pretty good feeling about this year.

  1. Get back to exercising.

I don’t know what the fall semester did to me, but it threw off my daily routine. I plan on getting back to running and going to the gym.

  1. Grow my blog.

This year I want to get my blog out there. Initially I started this blog for hair, beauty, and fashion, but I wasn’t really satisfied with those posts and kept deleting and starting over. So I took the things that I would normally write in my journal and put them into posts that I now call Motivation Monday and the Phenomenal Woman Project is something I’ve had in mind for months now, but I didn’t know how to go about it and now here I am interviewing woman around the world. I enjoy inspiring and uplifting people it’s something I’ve always been good at growing up and I figured why not share it with the world.

These are just 8 things from my long list of goals and as the year goes on I cross off and add on as I watch the year unfold. I encourage everyone to start a bucket list and you can go ahead and share it if you want. I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and may your year be filled with peace, love, and many blessings 🙂






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