Phenomenal Woman of the Week #6: Meet Olivia!


Photo Credit: Olivia


My name is Olivia, but most people call me Liv!

2. Age:

I am 16 years old.

3. Where are you from?

I am originally from Connecticut but I currently reside in Georgia.

4. Describe yourself in 3 words.

Ambitious, optimistic, and generous.


Photo Credit: Olivia

5. Explain why you chose those 3 words.

I chose these three words because people often describe me using those words and I think they characterize me pretty well. Ambitious: I am someone who has a lot of dreams and goals so I would definitely say I’m ambitious in the sense that I am always seeking out new opportunities to advance myself. Optimistic: I hate negativity so much! I’m a firm believer that if you think positive, positive things will happen to you. Generous: I’d honestly give you the shirt off my back! Even when I don’t have a lot, I’ll still do anything I can to help someone in need.

6. What is something that you are passionate about?

I am passionate about a ton of things but if I had to narrow it down I would say I am most passionate about entrepreneurship. In 2016, everyone has the opportunity to be their own boss and pursue their passions and that’s why I am so passionate about becoming an entrepreneur. I created my blog Thrifty Minor with the intent of growing it into a largely successful online magazine and I plan on doing everything I can to make that happen. I think being able to create your own business or brand in a field you love is very incredible and rewarding.

7. Who is the most phenomenal woman you know? Why?

It’s so hard to narrow it down to one! My mother, my aunt, and my mentor Aeshia Devore Branch are all definitely phenomenal women in my eyes! The three of them are such kind-hearted, talented individuals and they all truly inspire me every day.

8. What does being a phenomenal woman meant to you?

To me, a phenomenal woman is someone who lives life by her own rules and isn’t afraid to do what makes her happy. A phenomenal woman is someone who always remains true to who she is and loves herself wholeheartedly.

Thank you so much for featuring me this week! It’s been an honor 🙂


Photo Credit: Olivia


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