Birthday Post: 20 Things I’ve Learned


It feels so weird not having -teen at the end of my age anymore. On June 13th I turned 20, but it’s kind of hard for me to get used to since people are constantly telling me that I look 16. These last few years of being an “adult” have taught me a lot about life and myself. It wasn’t an easy transition just being tossed into the world of responsibilities, but I think I’m making it through pretty well. Constantly still learning and growing, here are the 20 most important things I’ve learned so far:

1.Mistakes are inevitable

2. Not everyone will have the same enthusiasm for your dreams as you do

 3. You can’t please everyone

4. Not everyone is meant to stay in your life

5. Most of your journey will be traveled alone

6. Comparison is the thief of joy

7. Don’t take “no” for an answer

8. Standing in the background won’t get you anywhere

9. “Me” time is very important

10. Always make time for family and friends

11. Don’t sell yourself short

12. 10/10 your gut feeling is right

13. Consistency is key

14. Your blessings always outweigh your burdens

15. Time stops for no one

16. Failure is the best teacher

17. Being a perfectionist will only slow you down

18. You are your own worst critic

19.  There is nothing wrong with being vulnerable

20. Self-love is the best love


Two decades down and many more to go. I’m grateful that I’ve made it this far and I know there are many more lessons that are going to come my way. Despite looking 16, I feel like I have the wisdom of a 30 year old. I guess it’s a good thing to look young on the outside, but have great knowledge within.

What are some lessons you’ve learned? Comment below, I would love to read them.

Until next time!

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