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Transitioning from a small college to a university (that I can barely walk through) wasn’t easy. Being a transfer student made me feel like I was starting all over again even though I’m in my junior year. Luckily though, I had some friends from high school and my previous college that helped make my first few months good ones.

Before attending the university I had to make sure that I was on the right track to transfer over. So far, I’ve received my Associate of Arts degree and now I’m working towards my Bachelors of Science in Communications— catch my name on your TVs in a few years!

While earning my AA I had to make sure that every class I took correlated with the curriculum of the universities I was applying to.So if you’re currently a college student who is planning to transfer with their AA I’m here to give you a few tips on making that will help make your transfer process a lot easier.

1. Meet with your advisor at your current collegeimg_1009-01-1

When I started my first year of college I heard a lot of things from students who were already there before me, but two of the main things I heard were, “you don’t need your advisor” and “advisors don’t know what they’re talking about”. Well, for me, my advisors helped me all the way until I graduated. In the college that I previously attended students had a general advisor, which mainly helped with what you need to graduate, and then there was a department advisor, this is the one I recommend going to. I was a part of the school of English and Communications so that’s the advisor I would go seek help from. They not only told me what classes I should take that have to do with my major, but they also told me all of the many amazing opportunities that went along in my field. They also told me about their experiences in the field and gave me advice that I still carry with me to this day. So yes, do talk to your advisors.

2. Talk to an advisor at the university you want to transfer to

Along with speaking to the advisor at the college you currently attend you also want to speak to an advisor at the university you want to transfer to to make sure you’re taking the right classes. Sometimes your college won’t have the exact course name or the exact course itself so you need to see if the classes you’re taking will be counted as alternatives so you won’t lose credits when you transfer over. Also the school’s website will have a list of requirements that need to be done before transferring.

3. Plan your classes out for each semester

It’s always a good thing to plan ahead. To do this, write down all the classes you need and then split them up into semesters. Fortunately, my college had a system where we could pick which classes we wanted to take in each semester and it was there throughout the 2 years and we could change it around however we pleased. So if you want to have a good balance of difficult and easy classes this is a good thing to do. Also it helps you stay on track so you don’t miss any requirements.

4. Apply on time

Depending on when you’re graduating from your current college you need to make sure to apply on time to the university you want to transfer to. For me,  I had to make sure my application was complete my second to last semester or else I would be starting late. It’s always important to apply on time and watch the deadlines for everything— very important. Usually if you miss a deadline there’s extra fees or you just miss out on everything completely and you don’t want that.

5. Apply for FAFSA and scholarships

Everyone knows college is expensive and you want to take all the financial help you can get. Like I said in the previous tip, watch out for deadlines! Make sure you apply for FAFSA even if you feel like you’re not going to receive anything because you never know. The earlier you apply the better. Scholarships are another thing. There’s always thousands of dollars left over every year because students don’t take the time to apply. My advice to you is to apply for the ones that have the essays and that you find tedious because those are the ones no one likes to apply to and that makes the chances of you actually being awarded greater.

Those were just a few tips that I have for you all. Just remember to pace yourself through your journey through college, it’s not a race. If you’re a transfer or currently working on transferring leave some tips below and some of your experiences, I would love to read them!

Until next time!

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