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You finally found something you enjoy doing, but you also find yourself constantly doubting your work, not speaking of it proudly and not wanting to share it with others; don’t worry, I was there too.

When I first started blogging I was nervous about putting myself out there. I’ve always enjoyed writing and researching, but I had never thought about having my own space to actually share. Seeing how blogging has evolved since when I was in middle school, I saw that I couldn’t just post and leave it, I had to share on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. After a while it became easy to just post and let it be; I had no problem sharing over the internet. I did, however, have a problem when it came to speaking about it to people around me.

During my first year of college was when I realized that I was embarrassed about having a blog. I remember in one of my classes my professor made us introduce ourselves and say one thing interesting about us. I sat in my seat thinking I’m just a regular person, I don’t do much, I’m quiet and I also have a blog. I quickly tossed the whole blogging part out of my mind because I didn’t want anyone knowing. It wasn’t until I started saying that I’m a blogger that I got a lot of support from my friends, classmates and professors.

Truth is you’re never going to know people’s reaction to whatever you do until you put yourself out there. Not everyone is going to support you and there will be people who say they support you but you never see them share or promote any of your work and that’s fine. You keep owning your work and speaking proudly of it because there are people out there who will genuinely support your creations; whether it be every step of the way or for a short period of time, they’re there for you. If you feel like your creation isn’t that big of a deal that’s how others are going to view it, but if you speak positively of it and about all the hard work you put behind it others will see how much it means to you and you will soon have that group of people who will help you grow your content right there with you. There’s power behind how you speak about your content and if you believe in it so will others, but it all starts with you.

Don’t sell it short. Don’t belittle it. Don’t underestimate it. Own it!

Until next time loves!

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  • Michelle

    February 1, 2017 at 12:10 PM

    I needed to see this! I ran a blog in college but didn’t promote it out of fear. This time around I promote my new blog a lot more but I’m still anxious and downright fearful of sharing my poetry/prose with others. This post encouraged me to not only speak up about my work but to speak confidently and positively about it!

    1. love veronica

      February 1, 2017 at 5:12 PM

      Yes it does take a while to feel confident about your work. I still get a little nervous, but the more you talk about it the easier it becomes. I’m glad you continued on with writing. I’ll make sure to check out your work! 🙂

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