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Dealing With Acne: 3 Changes I Made | Skin Care

During high school was when I started experiencing acne. This was probably the worst time for me because I had no idea what to do about it. I tried every 3-step process products, name brand products, even no products, but my skin wouldn’t clear up. After high school, I took my first trip to a dermatologist. They prescribed oral medication and topical creams that worked, but only for as long as I was using them. My skin was finally clearing up, after about a year, and I wasn’t experiencing any bad breakouts or scarring. I thought it was finally over, but once I stopped the medications I headed back to square one.

When I transferred to the college I’m currently attending, my skin went crazy after a few weeks. I didn’t know what it was and I just had gotten my skin clear. I didn’t want to go back to the dermatologists because it can get very expensive, but I also knew I couldn’t just leave my skin alone. In the beginning of this year, I had a really bad allergic reaction to vitamin E which set me back a lot! Lesson learned: be very cautious when trying new things, especially on your skin.

For the past few months, I’ve been researching and seeing what I have to do to clear up the pimples, scars, and hyper-pigmentation. Just recently I have made a few changes that have been bringing my skin back to life. Before making any changes, I took the time out to get to know my skin. I monitored what triggered any inflammation and when I would get the most breakouts. Also, I took the time to do some research on oily skin and ways to prevent acne while having oily skin. It’s been a process, but I know the end results will be worth it.

Here are some changes I’ve made that have been contributing to clearing up my skin:

1.Using all natural products

I realized that my skin would start to get used to the drug store products I had been using. Over time certain products would stop working and I would have to go out and find new ones. A few months ago I decided to make the majority of the products I use in my skin care regimen natural. Prior to switching my products, I did loads of research to find alternatives for facial washes, toners, moisturizers, etc. With my skin being extremely stubborn, coming up with the right regimen was not easy; there were a lot of trial and errors.

Over the past few months, my skin care products have been coming together and I finally came up with a regimen that has been saving my skin. I found that my skin didn’t get accustomed to natural products and they are way more effective. Even though it has been a long process, I enjoyed figuring out what works for my skin and doing skin care DIYs. Switching my products to natural ones is honestly the best the decision I’ve made when it comes to skin care.

2. Cut back on sugar and dairy

When it comes to acne it’s best to work from the inside out. When I first experienced acne, I thought that all I had to do was keep my skin clean and the acne would eventually go away. That is the case for some people but in my case, I learned that I had to also watch what I was consuming. For someone with a huge sweet tooth, this part is still a little challenging for me. I still have my days where I will eat sweets, but I’ve cut back tremendously. When I stopped consuming a lot of dairy products (I miss ice cream) I noticed a difference as well.

Once I cut back on dairy and sugar I began to see some changes. I was no longer experiencing large breakouts everywhere and I felt better physically also. I began making smoothies and finding other alternatives for whenever I crave something sweet. Something else I have added to my acne regimen is taking supplements. What you consume will show on your skin. Also, I know you’ve heard/read it everywhere, but it does help tremendously; DRINK WATER! I can’t stress that enough. On top of cutting back on certain foods, I increased my intake of water and my skin has been thanking me for it.

3. Changed up my skin care routine

When I first started dealing with acne I knew nothing about toners, exfoliating scrubs, facial mask, basically anything that contributed to clearing up skin. When I started doing more research on what would work best for my skin, I started to switch up my routine. I added in new products, days to exfoliate and days to do face masks. It took some time to figure out what works and what order to use each product, but once I figured out a process my skin has been clearing up and looking healthy. Everyone’s skin is different so what works for one person may not work for you. You have to take the time out to get to know your skin and body. Also when switching your regimen give it a few months before giving it up and saying it doesn’t work.

When it comes to dealing with acne or other skin problems you won’t see results overnight, sometimes you won’t even see them in a month. It takes a lot of patience especially if you’re going the natural route. Something I do recommend is seeing a doctor and getting blood work done to see what you’re lacking or what you have too much of. This can help you determine what to use on your skin and what will be effective.

Hope you all enjoyed reading! Let me know in the comments below what has been working for your skin and changes you’ve made.

Until next time!



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