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4 Tips to Keep Yourself Together During Finals Week | College

The dreaded finals week is quickly approaching. I know, some of us didn’t want to be reminded, but we have to face it.

During this stressful season of every college students lives, it can be overwhelming. These last assignments and tests usually make or break your grades which are important for your GPA. With all the essays, projects, and tests it can be easy to get wrapped up in it all and forget about yourself.

Last year, I made a post on the resources that I used to survive finals week and about my first finals week experience at a university. This post is all about keeping yourself together mentally, physically and emotionally during this crazy week.

Here are four tips to get through the busy week:

Make time for yourself

Self-care during this time is a must. It’s important to take a break from studying and have some time to yourself. Whether that be an hour or thirty minutes, get your mind off of whatever load of work you have. Dance around to some music, exercise, watch an episode on Netflix, take a nap, or just lay down and relax. Whatever it is that puts you at ease do it. Make sure to time yourself so that you don’t go over and lose time to study or finish your assignments.

Learn to say “no”

Party, party, party let’s all… take a pause from them to focus on what we really came to college for. Although it’s finals week, there are still events going on and there will still be people asking for favors or to hang out. You’re going to have to be stingy with your time and learn to say “no”. There will be many opportunities to hang out after the week is over and saying “no” will help you more than it will hurt you with the limited time you have.

Drop social media + all other distractions

If you’re like me then you’re easily distracted by the smallest things. Social media is probably one of the worst distractions for me and around this time I like to delete all the apps that I frequently use. Being disconnected for a week or two won’t kill you, although it may feel like it in the beginning. Any other distractions I make sure to get rid of as well to keep my mind focused on getting as much study time and work done as possible.

Don’t overdo it

It’s important to prioritize so that you don’t overload yourself with everything. Schedule out your days and times to study different subjects and time for extracurricular. Don’t cram, pull all-nighters, drink too much coffee or whatever else that can be bad for your health.

The good thing about finals week is that it ends. So keep calm and remember to breathe because you got this!

What are some things that you do to get yourself through finals week? Comment below.

Until next time!

By love veronica

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