What I’ve Been Up To — 3 Month Recap


It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but these past couple of months have been extremely busy for me. I’m really excited to be back posting and I thought why not start off with a little recap of these last few months!

In April I was able to go to my first ever Black Bloggers United meetup in Wynwood. While there I was able to meet bloggers Natalia (natalialilly.com), Shea (sheawhatsreal.com), and Victoria (thebudgetdivaa.com). Not only do these girls run amazing blogs, but they are amazing people as well. I also got my first glimpse of what actually goes on behind the scenes of blog posts; the right angles, right lighting… right everything!

ootd 04232016 (144)

PICT_20160423_101155Afterwards they introduced me to The Salty Donut where I fell in love!


It was an awesome experience getting to explore downtown.

A few days after the meetup I was able to walk across the stage to receive my Associate of Arts degree from my college and now I’m going on to pursue my Bachelor of Science at a university, which I’m really excited and nervous for, and I will finally be getting hands on experience in my field of Broadcast Media.


Moving on to the month of May; this was a month filled with a lot of hard work and fun.

During this month Victoria’s, aka The Budget Divaa, blog turned 2 this year and she celebrated by hosting a beautiful tea party. I was really excited to go because 1. I had never been to a tea party and 2. I LOVE tea!


I was able to mingle with other bloggers, even some of her friends, and there was great food and fun games. She really knows how to host a party.


A few days later Miami hosted the Best of the Best Music Fest which was honestly the best experience I ever had. There, I was able to get a little more in touch with my dad’s Caribbean heritage. It was nice seeing everyone come together to enjoy good music and bomb food (which was my favorite part).


If you’re ever in Miami towards the end of May, I highly recommend attending this music fest!

In the month of June I didn’t really do much, but I did celebrate my birthday on the 13th, I’m now 20 and it still feels weird not saying -teen at the end of my age but I’ll get used to it.

Stay tuned for my birthday post and thank you for reading my 3 month recap. I hope you enjoyed.

Until next time!

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