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2017 Was Packed With Accomplishments But…

In 2016, right before the new year, I sat down and created a vision board for myself and labeled 2017 “the year of growth”. I made it my ultimate goal to continuously push myself out of the comfort zone I created. I made sure to speak everything that I wanted to happen into existence and patiently worked towards my goals. Now the year is coming to an end and I’ve marked off more than half of my vision board and can honestly say that I’m proud of the growth and experiences I’ve had.

But only half of what I wanted to accomplish was done.

When I created my board I also had goals for my blog as well that I pushed to the side to focused more on getting involved in college. This year I was able to get a leadership position in a council and an internship that helped better the skills that I gained from blogging. Although this year was packed with many blessings, I missed out on growing my own platform.

When I did try come back to blogging, anytime I had free time, I found that I had lost all drive for it. It became less of a fun hobby to me and more of a bother and these last few weeks I’ve been retracing my steps to find where I went wrong outside of having a busy schedule.

I realized that I was spending too much time trying to keep up with the “blogging world” trying to brand, monetize and make my blog into a business when really I should’ve been focusing on my content and my purpose. I wasn’t enjoying my content as much anymore and knew some changes had to be made.

My initial idea for this blog was to just be a writing outlet for myself in hopes that the content will encourage and inspire others. That’s why I started segments like “Motivation Mondays” and the “Phenomenal Women Project”. I slowly strayed from those segments (some of you have mentioned to me) and made the ones that I currently focus on today. I never set out to be a lifestyle, college or natural hair blogger (because I’m all over the place) and once I tried to put myself in these boxes I found it hard to enjoy what I started.

After retracing my steps I decided to go back to the content that I started with as well as keeping some of the new ones I created.

I’m ready for the content for the new year and hope you all are too 🙂

Until next time!

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