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Growing up I was surrounded by adults who I labeled as “strong”. My definition of strong at that time meant show no fear or tears. It was a lot of anger, no apologies, and lack of communication. It was something I quickly followed. I went through most of my life thinking that I had to mask my feelings and emotions. In moments where I would be crying, I found myself quickly drying my eyes and telling myself to “get over it”. I also walked through life guarded and consistently pushing people out.

I didn’t realize that this behavior was destroying me and the people around me more than it was helping. Somehow, overtime, vulnerability and weakness became synonymous. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized that being open and transparent takes more courage. That’s when I realized that vulnerability isn’t the enemy. It wasn’t keeping relationships from growing or causing them to fail. It was the complete opposite.

Soon I learned that I would need to know how to tap into my emotions, be the bigger person, and properly communicate. All these things made me uncomfortable, but were tools I needed to navigate through life. I quickly learned the power behind being vulnerable and its importance.

It’s important for personal growth

The idea of being emotionally exposed scared me at first because I didn’t want to be taken advantage of. Once I started to be more open about myself and with myself, I felt at ease. Suppressing your feelings can lead to anger, sadness, resentment, and can also get more serious and lead to depression. Tapping into your emotions allows you to recognize those days when you feel off and gives you the opportunity to connect the emotions to whatever outside source(s) is causing it. It allows you to have courage . It allows you to fail without labeling yourself a failure. It allows you to set boundaries. It allows you to be in control of yourself. There’s nothing better than learning who you are.

It’s important for cultivating long lasting relationships

Although we live in a time where showing emotions and “catching feelings” isn’t wanted, it is important that we do so. Now I didn’t say walk around with you heart all out there with no type of discernment. Often time friendships and relationships with family or significant others can end because people don’t communicate how they feel. Something as simple saying “I love you” or “I’m sorry” can save relationships. It also helps when setting those boundaries emotionally and physically. When you are genuine about how you feel instead of holding everything in expecting others to already know, it helps that person get a better understanding.

Don’t think that being the bigger person or showing affection will make you seem weak; it doesn’t. Instead of ignoring someone after an argument, take the time to sit down and talk it out. Instead of expecting someone to know that you appreciate and love them, take the time out to say it.

Vulnerability can be tricky and is a learning process that requires a lot of consistency and patience.

Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on vulnerability when cultivating relationship and personal growth.

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