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Minimalizing My Hair Products | Hair

I can’t remember the last time I wrote a hair post…

but anyway, here we are!

Ever since I started taking care of my hair I felt as if I was on this eternal learning curve. Constantly on YouTube, trying new styles, and the worst… buying different products that I didn’t need. I still don’t understand how some people think being natural is inexpensive.

I’ve tried everything! Even trying routines and products that weren’t for my hair type. Soon I was on natural hair product overload. I had bins, drawers, and cabinets filled with products. If you know me, then you know clutter makes me anxious and I needed to either throw it or give it away.

After sifting through products I finally narrowed down what was staying. I realized that I really only use five products: shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and castor oil. My hair needed no more, no less. All the other products, I tried them once or twice and tossed them to the side. Waste of money? I know.

I wasn’t really taking the time to learn my hair. When I went into stores I went by if the product was popular or reading the label and praying that it worked. The closer I paid attention the sooner I realized that my hair likes anything natural or close to it and to be left alone! Dealing with 4c hair the less manipulation and product, the better.

The whole process of cutting down my products also cut down the time I style my hair and spend in hair stores.

With all that being said, don’t follow the natural hair hype. Don’t go to the store and buy products because your favorite blogger, YouTuber, or other mediums say it’s amazing for their hair. Yes, learning your hair will take some trial and error and if you’re newly natural this can be a challenge making it easy to lean into buying what everyone is raving about at the moment.

The hair store can have you overwhelmed—that’s how I got caught up—but take your time, read the ingredients, ask questions, even do research before. Learn your hair’s porosity. If it prefers LOC, LCO, or neither. Do these things before going to buy products. All these things will help you determine what products to buy and will help keep it to a minimum.

Have you tried minimalizing your natural hair products? What are your staple products that you’ll never stop buying? Comment below.

Until next time!

By love veronica

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