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Now Entering Discovery Mode | Life

Halfway through the year I remember a friend of mine asked: “…who is Veronica?” And what started as a light conversation turned into something deeper as I found myself getting flustered trying to figure out the answer.

At first, I thought: why would anyone, especially a friend, ask that question? Haven’t we been friends long enough for you to know? And then it went on from there.

I tried to give an extensive answer and then I tried to describe myself in a nutshell; neither one worked. My answers had no type of conviction and I was pretty hesitant on just about everything. So if I didn’t know myself, why would I expect even the closest people to me too?

I remember thinking to myself after that about how I don’t know who I really am as an individual and how it’s most likely tied to why I don’t know where I want to be in this very moment. After coming to terms with that then the self-reflection started.

I can definitely say 2018 was all about unlearning who I am.

This year alone I found myself feeling more lost than ever before– you could probably tell, all my blog posts this year had a theme of it. Although a lot of posts seemed redundant it was the space that I was in and that I finally feel myself getting out of. 

This year, like the previous, I’ve been trying my best to be aware of my thoughts, habits, and overall health. It’s been a struggle, but I’m a lot further than when I started. There are less than 2 weeks left in the year and I’m happy to say that I’m not ending it the same way I started.

Now you’re probably wondering have I figured out “who is Veronica?” and I can confidently say my answer is no. Although I can confidently say no, I also can confidently say that I no longer feel lost either. I feel like I’m entering discovery mode which is a whole different ball game of its own. I’m completely fine with this though because I know this journey is going to be pushing me in the next direction.

So here’s to new experiences, dragging myself out of my comfort zone, and learning about who I really am. 


Special thank you to everyone who’s been constantly supporting me, old and new, I appreciate every last one of you! 

See you all in 2019!

By love veronica

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