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Girls From Venus Founder, Kashionn, Talks Her Cozy and Tomboy Chic Style | PWW

When it comes to fashion the options are limitless. Depending on your mood or personality, you can go from cozy to cute in seconds. One person that enjoys a good mix of cute, cozy, chic and colorful is definitely fashion entrepreneur Kashira A., also known as Kashionn, and I had the opportunity to interview her for Phenomenal Women Wednesday.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Kashira is the brains behind the fashion showcase brand Styled By The Influence (SBTI) and the apparel line Girls From Venus (GFV). These two were started one year after the other leading Kashira to dive deeper into her love for fashion.

“Styled By The Influence was first. I started a blog based on my fashion influences with a sprinkle of local art influences. I wanted to have an event, showcasing SBTI which lead to The Kashionn Show in August 2016. It was focused on art and taking care of your heart since my father had passed in 2015 from heart complications it was something I wanted to share with others.  We also had Kashionn Show Two September 2018 focused solely on fashion.”

“Girls From Venus kinda popped up in the middle of these two events. I knew I wanted something for women, by women, but I couldn’t think of a name. I bounced ideas around with an old friend of mine and he came up with GFV and I loved it. Bringing GFV to life was way harder than SBTI seeing as how I didn’t want to take the traditional ‘I’m starting a clothing line with t-shirts’ route. I have nothing against that method, I just knew if I did another route, it would fit me better. I made a list of all the things I wanted to create and what I love the most are cropped but cozy clothes. Like ‘ima show this skin, but comfortably’ and the rest was history.”

When asked who inspired her love for fashion design she said:

Kimora Lee Simmons and Kashira-Unique (me from ages 9-14). Kimora made around-the-way-girl fashion couture and doesn’t get enough credit. One of my goals to get her and her daughters in a GFV campaign, I love them. Younger me was so carefree with her clothes. She wore what her parents allowed and dreamed of the cropped shirts and crazy clothing her parents would never buy her. Girls From Venus is literally 23-year-old Kash and 9-14 year old me sitting at a table making clothes together.”

If you follow Kashira then you will see that her love her color is evident. Whether it be a statement piece, her hair, or shoes it definitely shows in her personal style and her brands. She makes sure to intertwine everything she loves to continue to execute the vision and goals she has for the two.

“With Girls From Venus I just want to continue to create clothes for the every day, yet extra, girl. Like a cropped hoodie but bright colored. Every piece will have personality.”

Photo Credit: @girlsfrmvenus

“With SBTI I just want to bring worthwhile events to where I live. We have nothing. No fun festivals, paint, and pancakes. I’m not a club or party girl and a lot of people aren’t. So I wanna make events for us with a sprinkle of art and conversation.”

Being an entrepreneur has its ups and downs. Not only is your talent tested but so is your character. When asked how has it changed her as an individual, she said:

“Fashion made me fearless with my closet and helped me build my confidence. It’s never been low, but I remember a me who didn’t want her outfits to be extra or didn’t want to show this much skin. Now you’re lucky if I have on anything full length. Entrepreneurship made me put myself first. My friends will tell you I show so much love, even if it’s tough. Helping people plan events, being up, all-night, giving business advice (for free too) was exhausting. So now it’s less of that and more focus on what my brands have going on.”

“It doesn’t matter what you have, what you lack, or who else is doing it. Your brand is yours. “

Dealing with your own business/brand it can get discouraging at some points. Patiently waiting for that big break can become tiring, but when you’re determined to get to where you want to be that passion will drive you.

“Your love will show through your brand and people will love it because of it. Passion, loving what you do and hard work surpass talent every day. Girl, you probably got all that plus talent, so what are you waiting for? P.S. a lot of your favorite designers can’t sew and your favorite artist can’t read music, but they’re doing it. So just do it.”

The hustle and drive that Kashira holds for her brands are what led me to highlight her story. Of course, we couldn’t end without asking what being a phenomenal woman means to her.

“It was so hard to answer this without being cliché. To me, a phenomenal woman is a woman who lives in her truth. She understands herself, her place in life and treats it as a journey of learning, loving and living and she does it all in a killer fit.”

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